Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 14th- May 21st

Rapper’s Street Credibility Unquestionable
Atlanta based rapper Dolla, has successfully established himself as a legitimate participant in the hip-hop community after an unforgettable LA appearance. Utilizing the assistance of an old Atlanta acquaintance Dolla, real name Roderick Anthony Burton II, wowed spectators as he brilliantly personified the identity his lyrics suggest. Members of the hip-hop community have already begun to compare the new up-and-comer’s recent performance style to that of rap legend Tupac Shukar, citing a similar flair for the unexpected and breathless delivery. [silver lining]

Chrysler To Make Car-Buying More Exclusive
US automaker Chrysler LLC announced plans to increase public intrigue in its vehicles by offering customers a more exclusive shopping experience. The new adjustment to the automobile line’s 84 year-old business strategy will utilize the economic principle of supply and demand as a means of attracting car buyers dedicated to the elite quality of the brand. At press time automobile giant General Motors has also shown interest in a similar policy. [silver lining]

Japanese Youth Embrace Traditional Customs
Following in the footsteps of their ancestors before them, more Japanese young people are choosing to honor their cultural heritage by taking part in traditional customs. Despite unspoken rituals and the lack of guidance involved in these time-honored activities, most ceremonies are flawlessly executed. [silver lining]

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