Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 6th- May 13th

Santa Barbara Land Cleared For New Development
Architects, engineers, and city planners are flocking to Santa Barbara as land becomes rapidly available for new development. As many as 1300 acres of Santa Barbara land have already been cleared as of Thursday creating quite a buzz in the coastal community’s foothills. [silver lining]

Major League Baseball has decided to give LA Dodgers’ slugger Manny Ramirez an opportunity to watch the next 50 games of the Dodgers’ 2009 season. The MLB’s gracious decision, which is valued at over $7 million dollars, will give Ramirez close to 2 full months to relax while enjoying America’s pastime from the spectator’s perspective. Ramirez joins Yankees pitcher Sergio Mitre and Phillies reliever J.C. Romero who were offered similar options by Major League Baseball earlier in the season. [silver lining]

NYC Man Meets Kiefer Sutherland
New York Fashion designer Jack McCollough met Hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland at a trendy SoHo nightspot last Tuesday night. McCollough told reporters he met the “24” star face-to-face and was even fortunate enough to exchange words. As of press time, even the New York Police Department has taken great interest in the star-sighting hoping to find out more about the head-strong actor. [silver lining]

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