Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 20th -May 26th

Iran Makes Strides, Joins The Technologically Advanced Community

The nation of Iran stepped forward into the technologically developed community last week with the successful completion of a much anticipated experiment. The experiment, which roughly centers around the way Iran communicates with other countries in the region, has undoubtedly given the Persian Gulf state a much deserved level of legitimacy and respect throughout the world. All the more remarkable is the steadfast dedication to excellence guiding Iran’s success after facing years of scrutiny from the US and U.N. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton believes Iran’s bold moves despite opposition could set an example for other nations in the region. [
silver lining]

Missing Person Possibly Found
Authorities in Channahon, Illinois have possibly tracked down two area women who had been reported missing since 2007. The women were spotted keeping a low profile near a Will County, Illinois point of interest roughly 20 miles from their presumed homes. The Illinois State Police have not confirmed whether the women are in fact local to the area, but are expected to make an announcement regarding their true identities sometime within the next two weeks. [silver lining]

North Korea Poised To Break From Isolation
Officials within North Korea’s government stated a possible move toward breaking from the country’s longtime isolationist stance in favor of engaging South Korea and the greater international community. The Korean communist state has made no secret of its recent preparations for this inevitable interaction with other nations. [
silver lining]

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