Monday, August 9, 2010

Linebackers May Get Another Shot At Favre

Defensive players throughout the NFL may get another opportunity to pummel Brett Favre if the 41-year-old Vikings quarterback chooses to come back for another season. Favre’s return would allow linebackers, linemen and various blitz packages ample chances to run down and potentially injure the arrogant southerner who, for the third straight season, has the sports world in a frenzy while he contemplates retirement. 
One last season could mean big things for veteran defenders with unfinished business or personal grudges against Favre, while younger players could pad their personal career numbers with repeated blindside tackles against a future hall-of-famer. Not only would defenders benefit from Favre’s potential season, but it could help the entire league by creating new fans from unlikely spectators who simply want to see “that old guy with the drawl” retired once and for all.  

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