Wednesday, August 11, 2010

India's Oil Spill Shows Nation Developing

A ship wreck spilling oil in the Arabian Sea has India marching toward the developing world thanks to timely comparisons drawn between this disaster and that of world super power the United States of America. As the Indian coast guard attempts to contain the mix of diesel fuel and oil-based lubricants released in the wreck, the perception of India throughout the world is sure to improve as observers can’t help but think of America’s oil spill when thinking about India’s. Although the toxic diesel fuel and lubricants lack the prestigious reputation of pure off-shore crude oil from a billion-dollar company, the developed world comparison is a step in the right direction. While the world’s 2nd most populace country has been making great leaps in technology, education and industry over the last decade, an oil spill on the heels of America’s current disaster will show India’s ability to quickly adapt to contemporary world trends. If the trend continues and India can keep following in America’s footsteps, the developing nation may one day provide its citizens with American-like unequaled opportunity- a freedom they can squander like a real American.

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