Thursday, August 26, 2010

11-Day Chinese Gridlock Teaches Kids Patience

A traffic jam stretching for over 60 miles on a Chinese highway is giving stranded kids a chance to use their imaginations as they wait in automobiles for what could be several weeks. With nothing to sustain their contemporary attention spans, kids affected by the jam will have no choice but to patiently invent new worlds to explore, scenarios to play out or new languages to speak in an effort to keep themselves busy.
While the media blamed road construction for the 11-day jam, some could speculate the entire fiasco is a clever move by the government in hopes of giving their children the imaginative edge over the technologically distracted youth of the west. Although this logic is mere rumor, the Chinese government has lent an unsuspecting hand to the flowering of young gridlocked creativity as China’s 1 child per household law keeps children focused on imagination and not poking or nearly not poking annoyed older siblings.
No matter the cause of the gridlock it’s clear the experience will benefit all the children involved as they prepare for similar lifestyles in the China’s booming industrial job market.  

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