Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Positive News for Nov. 18th- Nov. 24th

U.S. President Barack Obama silenced fitness critics around the world last week after publically folding at the waist and bending forward while on a visit with Japan’s Emperor Akihito. While the President isn’t shy about his propensity to exercise privately, his recent public display of flexibility squelched any rumors that his presidency could be cut short by a poor range of motion or inability to touch his toes. The physical gesture is expected to do more than influence America’s image throughout the world as it proves the most popular person on the planet is indeed fit enough to lead the world’s most powerful nation. [click here for silver lining: “Conservatives Slam Obama for Bow in Japan”]

Admission into California’s public Universities may become more exclusive to potential students thanks to new state regulations which could limit enrollment to students capable of giving back to the struggling state. As California’s government continues to face an economic downturn, the state’s new admission standards would educate a selection of traditionally opulent students who show the greatest potential for generating the assistance state law makers need most. Although these new regulations would make it harder for common students to earn a higher education in the state of California, the favorable class sizes and coveted student body would help UC schools to better compete with smaller private institutions. [click here for silver lining: “Massive Tuition Hikes Passed”]

Unseasonable precipitation throughout the Midwest will have little effect on the 2009 holiday season as everything is expected to carry-on as normal in the United States. Agricultural specialists throughout the country believe the heavy rains drenching the country’s pumpkin producing states will actually save time during the holiday season, keeping Americans from preparing holiday dishes that typically go uneaten. The pumpkin shortage could also have divine implications as it forces generous Americans to purchase and donate edible canned goods that could actually be enjoyed by the nation’s less fortunate. [click here for silver lining: Pumpkin Shortage Could Mean Empty Shelves After Thanksgiving]

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