Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Positive News for Sept. 16th- Sept. 22th


A drought once described as ‘epic’ has finally come to an end in regions of the American South East after storm clouds moved into the area last week. After waiting for rain for close to 2 years in many parts of the region, people suddenly received more rain than they ever could have dreamed of leaving communities to decide how the water should be distributed. While the rains were most sought after by farmers throughout the South East area, the precipitative good fortune has managed to have a profound affect on everyone in the entire region. [click here for silver lining: “South East Storms Kill At Least 6”]


A Bush-era missile defense system is no longer necessary to protect America and her interests in Europe from enemy attacks as the state of America’s safety has improved throughout the world. American president Barack Obama marked the US’s safety status by moving to remove the outdated missile shield as it was intended only to be useful during a time in the past when hostilities toward America ran high. Relations between the US and countries like Iran, Russia, and possibly factions in Afghanistan could warm up as the US will no longer stand to intimidate countries from interacting openly throughout the region. [click here for silver lining: “US Replaces Bush Plan For Europe Missile Shield”]


In a new study by the Drexel University College of Medicine, an area can almost predict to be blessed with more ‘small’ miracles if it’s people embrace strong conservative religious beliefs in their early lives. The study found a formidable correlation between conservative believes and the frequency in which one of life’s greatest mysteries presents itself amongst shocked and often surprised members of the community. While the traditional belief that miracles tend to only occur in areas embracing liberal view points where they could serve as an example of the benefits of a conservative lifestyle, this study suggests it is the passionate members of the conservative community who are most likely to have their lives forever. [click here for silver lining: “Teen Birth Rates Higher In Highly Religious States”]

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