Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Positive News for August 26th- September 1st


A devastating wildfire roaring through the mountains just 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles has provided residents a legitimate outlet for discussion not related to the entertainment industry. The fire’s obvious affect on air quality and looming mushroom cloud visible from anywhere in the city have ignited a social blaze of their own as residents discuss the real implications of the massive fire that is actually occurring just outside of several densely populated suburban areas of Los Angeles. As the wildfire continues to build despite massive containment efforts, its scale and affect on Los Angeles residents will more than likely wane in favor of fall’s television season unless it’s social dominance can be replaced by an earthquake. [click here for silver lining: “Angry Fire Roars Across 100,000 CA Acres”]


The storied order of the Kennedy family has been restored with Edward “Ted” Kennedy’s departure from the political arena last week. Following the pattern 1st established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 and later by Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Ted Kennedy abruptly retired from political office to spend more time with his family. Although Kennedy was slow to complete the legacy started by his oldest brother almost 4 decades earlier, the belief his retirement was premature remains. [click here for silver lining: “Edward Kennedy Is Dead At 77”]


The definition of the term ‘suffering’ has been improved to be synonymous with “inconvenient” after it was used to describe the hours Google users couldn’t access their email accounts. The term once meaning “to endure death, pain or distress” can now be used to take on a lighter connotation in compliance with its popular usage in non-serious situations. News affiliates around the world will need to learn of the word’s new positive definition before inadvertently describing living conditions in third world countries as “not convenient especially in giving trouble or annoyance.” [click here for silver lining: “Gmail Users Suffer Through Outage”]

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