Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Positive News For July 8th- July 14th


The 20-year-old girlfriend of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair displayed maturity beyond her years last week after making a life-altering decision typically reserved for adults. Sahel Kazemi, a waitress turned romantic acquaintance of the once Tennessee Titans great, chose to spend the rest of her life with McNair following a brief secret courtship in Nashville, TN. Though Kazemi’s charismatic gesture could simply be disregarded as the direct result of overwhelming passion, her commitment to following her decision through to the end is clearly undeniable. [click for silver lining: “McNair’s Girlfriend Behind Murder-Suicide”]


The housing market in southwestern China is expected to soar following a sudden region-wide interest in home improvement last Friday. Despite a global economic crisis, the building/construction industry in China’s Yunnan province will soon be completely overwhelmed while as many as 18,000 new homes could be built and another 75,000 could be seeking minor to major improvements. As it currently stands China’s tent and quilt industries have already experienced an incredible jump in both sales and production in the area. [click for silver lining: “400,000 Displaced In China After Quake”]


Former American Champion and Olympic figure skater Nicole Bobek has added the title “small business entrepreneur” to her list of remarkable life achievements. The once prominent figure skating icon is now making headlines for her moves outside the rink after her connection to a successful east coast small business was discovered. Though Bobek has surprised fans with her achievements so distant from the world of figure skating, it is clear that she is still addicted to the ice. [click for silver lining: “Ex-skater Pleads Not Guilty In Meth Case”]

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