Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Positive News for July 22nd- July 28th


7 North Carolina men have successfully challenged the world’s perception of the American south after embracing philosophies associated with prominent international thought. In a region unfairly identified as “redneck,” the 7 men serve as ambassadors to a new south through the study of old-world, middle-eastern teachings, an affinity for international travel, and a commitment to sharing their ideals with other men throughout the community. Although they initially appeared to completely favor foreign philosophy to the American way of life, the southern “renaissance” men’s full support of the 2nd amendment helped to reinforce their US identity. [click here for silver lining: “7 in North Carolina Charged With Supporting Terrorism”]


The islands surrounding the Bahamas have joined in the fight to ward off illegal immigration in the Caribbean after preventing a small migrant vessel from landing in the area. The seaward vessel containing upwards of 200 unauthorized immigrants set off from the country of Haiti in hopes of illegally reaching a more economically stable country. The voyage nearly resulted in an unlawful immigration until the islands of Turks and Ciacos were there to restore order. While many of these migrants might again attempt to evade the law, a small number will never make the trip again. [click here for silver lining: “Haitian Boat Capsizes; Dozens Missing”]


Olympic champion and multiple world record holder Michael Phelps has finally managed to elude the responsibility of being super-human. The American swimmer who became one of the world’s most recognizable athletes after winning 8 gold medals during a single Olympic games can finally begin living a normal life without the pressure associated with being an international model of fitness perfection. At this point it is unclear if Phelps plans to regain his athletic freak-of-nature prowess, or if he will be content performing at a regular, human level. [click here for silver lining: “Coach Threatens To Pull Phelps”]

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