Wednesday, June 2, 2010

American Smokers Least Fearful of Cancer

According to a new study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American smokers are the least likely to fear the affects of smoke-related cancer than any other major English speaking country. Despite the presence of more cancer-causing carcinogens in domestic cigarettes than those of English, Australian or Canadian brands, Americans boldly persist in inhaling the toxic fumes with little concern about how it my later affect their bodies. The feat is made only that much more impressive considering every American smoker bravely ignores each pack’s clearly-labeled Surgeon General’s warning blatantly proclaiming the product’s ability to alter normal human life. While it is no secret Americans are known for their ability to waive fear in the pursuit of their personal freedoms, the CDC’s study shows that the only prevailing anxiety for the US smoker is the un-American fear of following.

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