Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Positive News for Oct. 7th- Oct. 3th

A lack-luster season wasn’t enough to keep the Chicago Cubs out of the national spotlight as the ball club’s tough to handle reputation has made the Cubs one of the most talked about teams of the postseason. As the League Championship Series gets underway, the Cubs are in a position to do what only the ’93 Baltimore Orioles and the ’69 Seattle Pilots have done in making a resounding statement to club owners throughout Major League Baseball. Despite the outcome of the Cubs’ splash-making postseason, the events are just another exciting chapter in a life of a team feared throughout the league as a nightmare to deal with [click here for silver lining: “Chicago Cubs File For Bankruptcy”]

After months of separation, custody talks and messy divorce speculation, reality TV stars Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting back together. The Jon and Kate plus 8 stars both cite one-another/concern for their family’s assets as the cause of the reunion going as far as to both attain the assistance of professionals to ensure their feelings are properly addressed. While the future is unclear as the reality stars enter the next stage of life amongst each other, character references from friends like celebrity father Michael Lohan will continue to bring legitimacy into the situation. [click here for silver lining: “Gosselins Head To Arbitration Over Money”]

Multi-talented star of film, stage and screen Harry Connick Jr. is still alive according to an Australian variety show claiming Connick Jr. appeared as himself on the program. Connick Jr. had a string of hit songs and film roles throughout the ‘90s, but a turn to the Broadway stage left the public curious to his where-a-bouts and eventual life status. Connick Jr’s appearance on Australian TV along with encouraging posts on the star’s public blog have ensured fans that he is not only still alive, but also that he has no plans to change his life status in the foreseeable future. [click here for silver lining: “’Jackson Jive’ Skit Shocks Connick” ]

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